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who do you want to be?

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Being a couple days into the new year, there is still this "fresh start" sense in the air. the year is open to many possibilities! The question is still open to 'who will you be' and really 'who do you want to be' this coming year? I am inspired these first days of the new year by 'Barbie'; the girl of every profession and who can pull off just about any outfit. For the holidays I received this WONDERFUL calendar with beautiful illustrations by 'Robert Best'. When I look at them, I can see myself in this fabulous world where any day of the week I could wear one of these outfits and go about the day!

one of the calendar covers

This Barbie case was given to me by my Mom when i was younger and used it to store all my special Barbie clothes. I love the way Barbie and 'Midge' are illustrated! They are more round in the lines compared to the 'Robert Best' illustrations. As I hung my calendar next to my desk I was tempted to get out my old Barbie clothes and reminisce about the person she was and could be in each little outfit I dressed her in!

the day clothes for my Barbie- the green day coat is my favorite!

I had a 1930's Hollywood celebrity paper doll book and in it there was a Carole Lombard section. She had a sleeping dress and faux leopard coat in the book that looked so similar to these! I remember getting so excited when I dressed Barbie in them!

this is what Barbie would wear when she went to dinner and went out to listen to a live bandstand band.

This is Barbie's wedding dress (actually it is a toilet roll cover! all that crochet work to cover a roll of toilet paper!)

these were the bridesmaids dresses- simple yet does the job.

so the question remains, who do you want to be this year?... my answer to this..? just look at Barbie as an example. There's no need to settle for just ONE thing to be, if she can be a model, a doctor, a teacher, etc, then we can be many things too! Maybe for today just focuse on a couple things; KIND, GENEROUS, MINDFUL, HAPPY....

and remember, after you grab your coffee, get your dose of daily ponder in!