blithe and bliss

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


progression of inspiration

the story begins with one senorita and one hombre. they are cut from a vintage apron and hung on my inspiration board to inspire...

(applique and hand embroidery- cut from a vintage apron)

while gazing at my inspiration board, it clicks! why not try my hand at fabric applique and embroidery... many hours later i arrive with one senorita on a tote bag..

a couple of more hours go by and i arrive with a friend for my applique senorita! i stop there with the applique embroidery technique for this collection because i realize that its VERY time consuming and i have many other items that need making and finishing.. but the original senorita and hombre still hang on my board, begging to inspire..

(i also made this little side messenger bag that was at the same arts and craft show. the letters are cut from old t-shirts and then hand stitched on. the quote is by Gandhi " be the difference you want to see in the world"-)

so once i had a bit more time on my hands, i beckoned the senorita and hombre again for more inspiration.  it turned into a multi media project with water color paint, copic markers, 100%ctn embroidery threads, and scraps of vintage fabrics.

el amore...

all this from one inspiring couple; the senorita and hombre... thanks guys.

go grab a veggie burrioto and enjoy your daily pondering!

**blithe and bliss