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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


sweet adventures in the kitchen- vegan gingerbread; trader joes mix!

Tis' the season to start baking and plumping up for the holiday season! It's that time of year where the only cure to the chill in the air is a nice big piece of something SWEET! I love Trader Joe's gingerbread mix for many reasons. 1) the price is superb and fits perfectly into my budget. 2) its tastes SOOO GOOD! 3) it's easy to make it VEGAN! The trick? Just skip on the egg! DONE. Just put the required amount of water and oil.. mix.. bake.. top it with cool whip.. ENJOY with your pumpkin spice flavored coffee; (i recommend the variety from 'the Tea Bistro' that I picked up at the farmers market) and have a lovely little seasonal breakfast!

may seasonal sweetness be in your tummy today!

**blithe and bliss