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classics that reflect the spirit of thanksgiving...

Today I am sending you a bit of blithe and bliss with a list of a few awesome movies that capture the 'Thanksgiving Spirit'. I grew up watching these movies... maybe that explains my cheesy and sometimes corky point of view on life?... For me, the essence of this gracious day has always been more than just the spectacular dinner and a long weekend... Tis the season for outright wholehearted confessions of how THANKFUL WE ARE TO BE ALIVE!!! This holiday is brilliant because it offers wonderful food, heart warming conversation and stories, and its unspoiled by any presents of consumer products! Sure, I wish that all the poor turkeys would have be graced for the day.. that is the only down side I must say... but I send them blithe and bliss and of course I will not be supporting their dooms day.. It's the time of year that we all start to slow down, take a look back at the year and ourselves and remember what is important in life. Thanksgiving is the time to remember what we are thankful for. It sounds so very cheesy, but when I sit down at the big dinner table with all of my loved ones and we start to go around and say what we are thankful for....after the second person, there usually isn't a dry eye or closed heart. You are in luck if you're in need of a reminder of the spirit of thanksgiving and what matters most in life... just check out these classics! They do it every time!:)

'You Can't Take It With You' is a fabulously upbeat and thoughtful film directed by Frank Capra; 1938. It's a comedy that presents two very different representations the "American dream"... Two families are presented in the story. One who has attained financial success and a position of social and economic power. And the other earning just enough money so one can survive and do exactly as one pleases. In the end as the title suggests, the viewer finds out what is most important in life you cant "take" with you to the grave... Jimmy Stewart is ridiculously good looking and charming in this film and Jean Arthur is one to admire!

'Meet John Doe' , Frank Capra; 1941. A film about the heart and soul of the ''man' who is down on his luck and just trying to figure out the complex relationship between truth and lies and what really is best for humanity in the end. Gary Cooper is dramatically brilliant and Barbara Stanwyck is at her best.

'Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" Frank Capra;1936, Is a light hearted romantic comedy with heartfelt sentiments of giving and helping out your neighbor. Jean Arthur is a magnificent match with Gary Cooper. They play off each other so well and I love all the corky and funny scenes they have together!! In the end you will feel restored and uplifted!

OK- these should tide you over and fill your cup up atleast half FULL for now...

I send you blithe and bliss!... enjoy!
**blithe and bliss