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favorite xmas decoration

This outlandishly gaudy xmas decoration has actually become one of my favorites through out the years. Why?...Well, it was my Great Aunt Flo's and she kindly passed it along to us years and years ago. When we initially received this tremendous decoration we were flabbergasted with laughter and disbelief that anyone would ever own such a thing. But with family being as it is, and when you get something from a relative, the polite thing to do is to proudly display the item in plain view for them to believe you actually appreciate the gesture of giving.... But displaying it year after year, and having family come and go in our lives over the years, I truly cherish this decoration as if it's another piece of the holiday puzzle.To me it reminds me of my flamboyant Great Aunt with whom I now can see some similarities with throughout these past years of growth in my life... She was an amazing lady for her time and she truly lives on in the crafts i make and the decorations I still have from her! Without this gigantic decoration; with its bright colorful lights, velvet background, and one of a kind costume jewelry, the house just wouldn't be complete! Now, I truly appreciate and marvel at the artistic side of this crazy retro decoration. It now inspires me and I too want to gather all my bits and bobs and create one for my very own family one day!

oh christmas with your memories and fantastic decorations how i love you!

enjoy the close up pics!

** blithe and bliss