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sweet adventures in the kitchen- bagel madness

For this week's adventure in the kitchen I decided to make one of my favorite meals.. the bagel sandwich! I didn't want to get too crazy this week with the groceries and buy a ton of food for the week considering I will be OUT OF COUNTRY next week!! I'm so excited! Anyways, this weeks adventure begins with Trader Joes plain bagel and ends with pure enjoyment!:)

put away the cook book, this week its all from the heart.. and stomach..:)

slice the plain bagel in half and sprinkle on top some soy cheese and put in the broiler

while the soy cheese is broiling, slice up your tomato and jalapeno

take out of broiler once the soy cheese is nice and crispy

turn over and spread some earth balance vegan butter on top- then place in broiler again until toasted

almost done! dress your toasted bagel with tofutti cream cheese and pile on the tomatoes and jalapenos! *crush a bit of black pepper to taste.

now the fun part begins... enjoy your meal with sparkling Limeade and end it with some Keebler fudge cookies!:)

I hope you have a FULL day and enjoy your pondering!!:)

**blithe and bliss