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craft day happiness; stuffed owl friend

Happy craft day! Today we are going to make a little friend. He is round, colorful, sustainable, eco- minded, super cute to look at, and is a great listener and cuddler! As you have guessed I am talking about the newest craft project I had so much fun making; the stuffed owl! It all started one night after work when I had the urge to just MAKE SOMETHING. I started with a pencil and paper.. and then my process started.. see below!:)

First I quickly sketched something that I could easily make....

then I broke it down into shapes

the fun part was gathering my scraps of fabric that I thought would look fun together

I then cut the shapes out of the scraps

once the body was sewn I stuff it with all the little scraps until nice and plump

I then whip stitched the opening closed and hand stitched the wings, tummy, and face on.

rufus and his new buddy

I hope your day is stuffed with friends and enjoy your pondering!!:)

**blithe and bliss

I just had to share this with you since it went so well with the daily pondering!!:) (Life magazine advertisement)