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craft day happiness

Today I bring you a little happiness with this fun craft I made. Do you ever have trouble finding a purpose with those oddly shaped scraps of fabric left over from your projects? Well, I have been brainstorming and trying to figure out how to actually USE every last bit of scrap so it wont end up in a land fill... I have come up with some solutions! Through out the weeks I will share with you the results! This is part of my new years resolution plan, to reduce my waste and consumption. I have become very inventive on how to re-use or re- purpose what normally would be tossed out....;) stay tuned!

gather your scraps of fabric and tie them into one long string. un wrap the floral wire to a desired length...

wrap the wire- I suggest doing this while you are listening to some good music.. it makes it go faster..;)

twist and turn the wrapped wire into a shape that is appealing to you- mine turned out like a "scrappy flower"

glue gun your barrette onto the under side

style in hair and SMILE!:) (ok.. i know I look so funny in these photos- but I had to share the final product!:)

There ya go! Your very own crafty happiness for the day! That was so easy and fun to re use what I would normally toss into the trash!

Have a happy craft day and enjoy your pondering!

**blithe and bliss