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craft day happiness; patio decorations

GOOD DAY! Hi! How was your weekend? Was it full of sunshine and happiness?? That's great! This weekend was the perfect weekend to revamp my patio. My mom came up to visit and she brought with her some cute potted plants for my patio! Which is so perfect because I have made some awesome patio decorations to complete the look! I try to reuse all the bottles I consumer over time and I am always trying to figure out how to up-cycle them into a new life and purpose. See below for what I came up with!:)

the dream patio... not there just yet..;)

my sweet mother cleaning and rearranging my patioso pretty! the yello pots have red flowers and the red pots have yellow flowers!

I collected all my used bottles, some beads and buttons determined to give them new life and purpose!

First I wrapped the bottle with yarn by creating a knot at the top and putting hot glue on the glass surface

Then I picked colorful beads and glued them to the glass

Perfect patio decoration! I think I will put dirt inside the bottle and grow some sort of shade loving plant in it!:)

Next I picked the old jelly jar..

I started with the blue embroidered flower and blue buttons then glued the buttons on by color range

all done!

perfect for a little candle or a succulent pant.. i haven't decided...;)

have a beautiful day and enjoy your pondering!

**blithe and bliss