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sweet adventures in the kitchen- 1950's style yellow cake mix + chocolate frosting

I only had a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting... I ran out of apple cider vinegar and I didn't have enough flour or sugar to make anything!... So I decided to use up my cake mix and go 1950's style.. I say 1950's style because if you ever flip through old magazines from that era all of the advertisements are of canned fruits and vegetables, new and improved heavenly cake mixes, lots of different kinds of Jello recipes, and many many different types of crazy recipes that they suggest so you will buy their product... For example there were recipes on how to use the PICKLED MUSHROOMS... ewe! Ofcourse the advertisement was a beautiful classic warm feeling illustration.. but the recipe included the pickled mushrooms and mayonnaise and... well, I am not going to finish.... ANYWAYS... my point is that this little adventure in the kitchen led me to think creatively with my limited ingredients and supplies. I usually do not use mixes. I like to actually learn how to make things from scratch... but this time I did learn how to be resourceful and fulfill my dessert quotoa for the week! I used a "Pillsbury" yellow cake mix, 1/2 cup of apple sauce, about 1/4 cup water and mixed it all up! That's it! Then I poured into the cup cake pans and baked for about 15 mins then frosted and ate! So easy and satisfying!

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Have a resourceful day and enjoy your pondering!

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