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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


sending you blithe and bliss: words of wisdom

Today I send you a little bit of blithe and bliss.

I want to first start with some words from my brilliant sister in Africa working very hard as a volunteer in the Peace Corps for environmental sustainability in her village. I like to look at her letters and sparse emails whenever I am feeling overwhelmed in my comfortable life... It really puts things into perspective...

"the coin has two sides; there are the darker ponderings of fear and doubt and then there is the other side of optimism and faith. We are on our path, and if we don't lose our minds trying to get there we will get through. Species are going extinct as I scrub my jeans monotonously with a bar of soap, the climate is warming as I sit under a tree with an old lady, corals are bleaching, whales and dolphins are being murdered and im sitting in a chair in the back of my house waiting for my seedling trees to grow. I have an hour of really good climate change discussion with my club, a great sustainability idea for my women's groups but still five more hours before I can go back to sleep and start my day over again with new hope. You ever seen ground hogs day? Well At least that took place in America.... There is a lot to get done there is a lot we can do we just have to rise to the challenge of making the most of every moment right now when things kinda suck living our fullest potential right here. We will find our happiness in unhappiness we will bring change where ever we go if we can do it now and here we can do it forever..."

the words of a very wise and truly amazing person; my sister Alison in Benin, Africa...

some days are tough and some days get tougher...

dream away your troubles and remember your bliss

jump at the chance to LIVE to your fullest... reach for optimism in every moment and grab your blithe and bliss

stay strong and true all you have to do is be that lovely you and sing a happy tune

live in blithe and bliss...

have a one of a kind day!

**blithe and bliss