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craft day happiness; spring brooch

Today I present to you a fun little "do it your self" spring brooch. The weather is beautiful here in SoCal and the flowers are blooming. Planters around the city are being re-planted with snap dragons and daisies! All this wonderful color and spring time happiness has inspired me to make a spring time brooch!

Here's how I made it! See the pictures below:)

The fun part was gathering all the fun little left over trims, gems, buttons, and scraps that could make up the perfect combination for a little spring brooch!

After gathering the trms, I sketched a full heart on some scrap cardboard then cut it out.

Next I hot glue gunned the felt to one side and the scraps of fabrics to the other side of the cardboard heart.

Then I carefully trimmed each side and left a yellow felt border to help frame the heart.

Then I glued the rick rack around the edge.

Lastly I decorated the front with the fun peices and then glued the pin to the back!:) So easy and fun!!

all done and ready to wear!!

Enjoy that spring in your step today and enjoy your daily pondering!

**blithe and bliss