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designer's journal; swimsuit season is approaching!

Today was the first time this year I bared my florescent white body in a swimsuit. I left work on time today and the sun was nice and warm at 6pm so I ventured to the hot tub with my "Natural Health" magazine in hand. It was a great way to unwind after a long couple of days. While I was relaxing in the bubbly hot water I drifted back and forth out of a daydream about if my life were a wonderfully orchestrated romantic comedy musical with water scenes... Much like the fabulous Esther Williams movies of the past.. If I were in a movie during my little relaxation time in the hot tub, I probably would have broke out into a song and swim dance about the seagulls and crows flying high above.. the song probably would have been a metaphor for escaping the daily routine and flying to new heights in life... Well, all this silly babble is what happens when the water is too hot and you get stuck in a "retro daydream"!:) So, to make my "Ester Williams bathing beauty" dream a reality, I started doodling in my designers journal and researching online for the perfect suit for the season!

These are the swimsuits I liked on Modcloth- but they are all out of stock..:(.. so I will have to do a bit more research... but for now I will daydram...

my little doodle of the perfect suit for me!- It's high waisted, thick halter top with cinch at bust, mitred stripe and floral pattern mix. I would complete my beach look with a BIG sun protecting floppy hat and big round sunglasses!

black with soft pastel colors! so vintage!!:)

Have a sunshine day and enjoy your daily pondering!

**blithe and bliss