blithe and bliss

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


scarf vest; handmade by blithe and bliss

I share with you today my most recent happiness! With the warm weather recently I had been needing a new dramatic light layering piece to add to my wardrobe. As you know, my signature piece is usually my neck scarf with buttons or necklaces or a scarf wrapped around my head... But with the warm weather that look gets a little fussy... So I transformed one of my oversized square scarfs into a scarf vest with a patchwork of my favorite embroideries for the back! I trimmed it with my bright yarn and hung extra fringe at the corners! Check out my little creation!

Hope you have a dramatically colorful day today!:)

**blithe and bliss