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sweet adventures in the kitchen- granny's italian fruit salad

This week's sweet adventure is from my grandma's trip to Italy a few summer's back. It is very light, sweet and full of marvelous flavor! I have recently been over indulging in the sweet category and have realized that maybe this week I should take a little break from my usual sugar and butter and embrace the simple brilliance of the fruit salad! I hope you will try and ENJOY!:)

In a bowl, pour your raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, sliced strawberries- as many as you want- I used about two boxes of blueberries, a box and a half of raspberries, 3 boxes of strawberries, and one box of blackberries... (i made this for my extended family.. so it was a big fruit salad)

slice about 3 bananas and mix in

add about 4 tablespoons of honey and drizzle balsamic vinegrette over the top and then hand toss

add cracked black pepper and serve with fresh cut watermelon- add to the top of the salad some fresh fruit with out the dressing for a balanced taste


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