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sending you blithe and bliss: happy mom day!

happy mother's day!

This mother's day I send to you all the love and joy possible!

Where would I be with out my WONDERFUL mother? Not very far. She is the glue that holds our family together. Her sense of humor and bubbly personality is one I wish I could steal for myself. My mother is always the life of the party with hilarious stories; most are untrue due to the extreme embellishments she adds, but they are good stories in themself and very entertaining! My mom is the best person to talk to when life is up or down. She always has some little insight or wisdom that can shed light and lead to a broader perspective. I can only HOPE to be as gorgeous and as full of life as my mom when I get older. She always has an open mind, open ear, and open heart. No matter if you are a tiny little earth worm or the homeless guy on the corner...She has a HUGE heart, and I would not be the person I am today with out her ever glowing light of love and happiness. So this day is for her, my amazingly awesome mom! I send you all my LOVE!


Happy mother's day to all you wonderful moms young and old alike!

Moms are always there for you, with good and bad fashion advice...

Moms are life long teachers and the best lesson I have learned from my mom is to never follow the crowd and make up your OWN mind as to what's right for you. The saying " what's popular isn't always right, and what's right isn't always popular" is one that echoed in our house hold while growing up- -



Below is some awesome art from heavenly creatures art etsy shop! These water color paintings totally capture the simple pure LOVE between a mom her little one!:) check out the shop for more AWESOME paintings!!!

have a LOVELY day!

**blithe and bliss