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thrift store find: my new chair!

How AWESOME is my new chair?! I know! I found it at the Camarillo Goodwill Store a couple of weekends ago. It was marked $30.00 and I was ready to roll over and die because I couldn't believe it was such a great deal... then I tell the lady that I would like to purchase the chair.. and she said " I give to you for $19.00"... So the awesome price makes me love my second hand chair even more! Plus the money goes to a good cause so it's win/win!:)

now i just need a chance to try our the chair myself!

I will share with you now some cool old magazine tears of retro interiors:)

that's it for now.. have to get back to my crafting for the Camarillo Fiesta!

(this is a Jack Cornfield quote form his book "buddha's little instruction book")

**blithe and bliss