blithe and bliss

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


craft day happiness; felt triangle banner for craft show!

Today I share with you a felt triangle banner for the craft show! I can't wait to use it and see how the whole display with come together! I'm sure you have made one of these before, but I thought I would share with you because i added some special touches to it like hanging beads and scraps of fabric and hearts of yarn!

hope you get inspired!

and decorate your triangles as you please!!

thread the yarn in and out of the top of the triangles then zig zag stitch at top

yep! that's what it says! "blithe & bliss"...

that's it! can't wait to decorate and hang in my booth!:)

**blithe and bliss