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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


blithe and bliss @ Camarillo Fiesta!

Here are some quick pics of my booth at the Fiesta! I will post the product through out the week with more detailed pictures, but for now I wanted to share my HAPPY booth with you!

(my mom helping make tags! she is soooo WONDERFUL! and my dadio is behind the scenes getting me an orange juice and something to eat.. they were both a HUGE help and i just want to say THANK YOU again! It was so fun:)

(theres my sign that i made from a hat box... i will post that project this week so you can see the before and after!!:))

the bird cages were a big attraction for little kids of all shapes and sizes! they would run into the booth and gaze into the cages looking for the imaginary birdies... they were VERY disappointed when i told them they were just decoration and there were stuffed animals and jewelry instead... they were NOT interested.

by mid day we decided to push one of the tables to the front to draw customers closer.. a trap yes... and it WORKED FABULOUSLY!

all the tops were hung around the edge of the canopy- they swayed and danced in the wind!

on the second day we rearranged the booth and put ALL the merchandise in the front and around the sides.. It was an interesting lesson; people don't want to come IN TO a booth, they like to touch and investigate within their own comfort zone. So we pushed all the product to the front! It was a lot more successful!

by the second day I had less than half of my tops left over- so I still hung them on the sides and rotated them to the front- it was a good strategy!:)

Overall we all had a fun time hanging out, eating and seeing people's reactions to all my handmade goods! I am overwhelmed with support and totally inspired to crank more product out!:) I got a really good response and anything that did not sell at the fair I will post in my etsy shop sometime this week!!:)

Thanks for checking in!
**blithe and bliss



my favorite things about the Fiesta:

1) its in Camarillo ( the cutest old folks town ever and its near all my family)

2) home made Root beer FLOATS... just fabulous.

3) PJ's bean rice and cheese burrito with a little bit of red sauce


1) churros and or cinnamon rolls! come on man.. you gotta have at least churros!!!