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sweet adventures in the kitchen- 2 cheese grilled cheese sandwich with red grapes

This week is a short work week for me...

I am taking Thursday and Friday off because my sister is coming in town from AFRICA!!! This will be the first time she has come home in a whole YEAR!! It's just CRAZY that I have survived this whole year with out her!! She has always been the one who's cooking and baking and creating new delicious vegetarian dishes and sweets for me and the family! In her absence I have learned to bake cookies, cakes, pie, pizza, spaghetti, bagel sandwiches... the basics! Yes.. I know that may sound a little funny that I didn't really know how to make all that stuff... but when you have someone who loves to cook and when you are the one who loves to eat... the person who loves to eat doesn't always know how to make the things she LOVES to eat! That was my dilemma a year ago... but now I have been on a wonderful adventure in the kitchen and I actually really enjoy making my meals now!

Sure.. I still eat out.. but not NEARLY as often as I use to.. Man.. the money I have saved! SERIOUSLY! ...and the knowledge and confidence i have gained! Learning your way around the kitchen takes time and I still need LOTS of practice... But this next adventure I share with you is a basic easy CLASSIC... since it will be a short week for me, i didn't want to make a heavy meal and buy a lot of groceries... so i decided on a basic two cheese grilled cheese on rustic sour dough with sweet red grapes!

here it is! Hope you enjoy as much as I will!!:)


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