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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


craft day happiness; brooch necklace; happy fourth of july

These are some necklace's that I have made for the CAMARILLO FIESTA this coming weekend. I am super excited to share these with you today! The are convertible! Two in ONE! You can wear them as a necklace, or change your mind and wear it as a brooch!

Have you ever really THOUGHT and wondered where your 'stuff' is made and what's it made out of and who made it? What's it's story???

Well, I like to think that the creations I make are truly made out of LOVE and support a version of LIFE that supports a way of living that reduces waste and inspires a smile. Each creation has a purpose for being; to promote happiness through visual beauty and creativity.

Today I thought I'd share with you for 'craft day happiness' a break down of what actually makes up my little pieces of artistic expressions

hope you get inspired and enjoy!!:)

A: green little toy soldier; i originally bought these for a little craft project i did for Father's day.. i have so many left over, i thought they would be a great statement art piece!

B: the little glass jewel was from a bracelet i was given years ago- i am not really a bracelet girl so i have used in my craft projects for a while now

C: this is an old button from a 70's polyester shirt. I used the fabric of the shirt for one of my tops and the buttons are perfect for crafting!

D: I love to craft with old LIFE magazines. I use every inch of it in my projects! this background paper is from a 'mail order' insert. the paper has aged fantastically with yellowed edges.

E: the little gold trim is from last christmas's crafts. i got it from a rummage pile in Joanns for a couple of cents! it's the best trim; i have gotten lots of mileage out if it!

F: the chain and hooks are the only things that are store bought for this project- you can find them in the jewelry section at Joanns Fabrics


A: the words are from a 1945 LIFE magazine

B: jacquard heart is from a trim on a top that i decided to repurpose

C: the yellow fabric with ditsy print was from a second hand quilt that was made in 1970's out of tons of fabulous ditsy prints

D: the plastic daisy was once a necklace of plastic daises, but then it broke... i got this necklace from the Ohio state fair few years back in the antiques section. that was a fun day...

E: LIFE magazine mail order insert card

F: the black and white gingham woven is from a second hand skirt from a thrift store in Ohio

G: the little soldier is from the craft project i did a couple weeks ago

H: these are vintage buttons and jewelry i have had for years and years, just never found a purpose for them until now:)


A: these studs are from an old sandal that broke while i was walking in the Target parking lot (funny story...)

B: this is a very old military button that i have been saving in my button jar for the perfect project..

C: there's that gold trim again!

D: these beads are from a trim that was on a top

E: there are those glass jewels from the bracelet again!

F: zippers from a second hand dress that was turned into a top

G: black plastic rose is from a bracelet my sister gave me to craft with- she was packing for Africa, and gave me jewelry that she didn't need for her trip:)

H: the PEACE was cut from a yoga journal article- i liked the font!

**blithe and bliss