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words of wisdom; treats from africa

My sister is in town and we have been having SOOOooo much fun these past two weeks! Her journey back to good ole USA was a long and colorful story! Basically, to sum it up, she traveled with two other Peace Corps Volunteers from Benin to Togo to Ghana.. It was about a weeks worth of staying in hostile's, bargaining prices, street food surprises, and ended in a long walk to the airport... Basically she made it home in one piece with good humor in tact! I feel like my other half has finally come back and I am fully alive again! I had missed those conversations where you don't have to finish your thoughts or sentences because the other person is already on the same page and gets what your saying.. I forgot what it was like to let loose and be totally ridiculous and have the other person be even weirder! As my buddy Van Morrison sings "these are the days"... I wanted to quickly share with you some wonderful treats my lovely sis brought home for moi! AND.. a funny thing happened.. I checked my tiny mail box the day before my sister arrived and there were TWO letters from her! They were beautifully stamped and post marked "March" and "April"... so I thought I would also share two bits of insights my crazy wise sis wrote me!:) ENJOY!

words from my sister's letter

words from my sister's letter

this is so sweet- the head of my sister's environmental club back in her village sent these hand wrapped presents home for me, my mom, and my dad!! my dad was given a hand framed picture of 'jesus' with a prayer on it, my mom was given a beautiful hand woven fan, and i was given a marvelous hand painted and carved gourd bowl

amazing fabrics from Ghana and Benin!

beads from the 'marche'

gourd bowl

that's all for now!:)

have a fabulously blissful day!

**blithe and bliss