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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


craft day happiness; beaded neckalce with african beads!!

This beaded necklace was so much fun to make! I made it with my lovely wonderfully magnificent G-ma in mind. Normally, I go into my craft mode OPEN and let the CREATIVE possibilities flow... I usually go a bit over the top and sometimes don't know when to stop on a craft... but in the end I am usually PLEASED with the result... With that being said, I will fill you in on some background info... I always make my gifts... I really DO NOT LIKE TO BUY something that I could make or personalize or invent! This has been my way of being ever since I was very very young... so, as you could imagine.. I have made some pretty embarrassing contraptions over the years ( a tie that wouldn't fit around a neck, a knee pillow that was the shape of a very odd mutation with a matching beanie.. becuase you always want to have a knee pillow that matches your beanie right??!....., a joke book full of jokes that literally made no sense, ETC)... these items have turned into long lasting family jokes... so this year for my Grandma's 80TH birthday I wanted to prove to her and everyone else that I am actually an artist and that I really can make something normal and wearable.... I decided to use some of the beads that my marvelous sister brought back from Benin and mix and match some meaningful trinkets into a necklace!

see below for how it all came together!!

these are the african beads!!

i found a really old button that was once on a garment from my great aunt, another button from my great grandma's button jar, an African metal bead, a turquoise bead from my old moccasins, and a shell from my trip to the beach!!

i attached the decorated pendant to two strands of beads that i had and attached it with floral wire

all wrapped up in a patchwork fabric box and ready to wear!

there's my G-ma wearing the necklace! I think she really liked it!!:)

my grandma and grandpa dancing!! We all had a GREAT time and... I was not the butt of any jokes... so I think my necklace was totally liked..!:) ( although she's not wearing it in this picture...??)

That's it!:) HOPE you get inspired and make something meaningful and FABULOUS!

**blithe and bliss