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a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


guide to a blissful weekend...

here is a self traveled guide to a blissful weekend... usually a good time for me entails good food, good atmosphere, and good people. here is a little guide of my blissful weekends:

park bench cafe has it all. not only is the menu encompassing, the atmosphere is breath taking and the company that surrounds you is top notch! when you dine at park bench cafe, you are surrounded by doggies and their families happily eating their breakfast and enjoying the park setting. the scenery is fantastic. in the distance while sipping your coffee, you can see marvelous birds going about their day in one of the few places they have left to enjoy their very own breakfast too! there is a nice little water marshland of sorts in the park where snowy egrets, blue herons and many other birds.

after breakfast... take a nice walk through the park, see the birds, stroll the walk way and enjoy all the wonders of huntington beach central park!

walk... walk.. walk..... explore.. get lost!

walk... walk.. walk....and eventually you will stumble upon the fabulous huntington beach public library!

the huntington beach public library is AMAZING. surrounded by gigantic water features, multiple floors of isles of books, study areas over looking a giant pond with DUCKS, snack areas for people to congregate and a fabulous building sized WISH fountain! play areas for kids, story telling theater rooms, its just simply a fabulous example of public funding i've come across in huntington beach!

after strolling the book isles and being refreshed by a walk in the park, a nice home cooked meal brings the day to a fantatstic finish...

i've been ear marking and salavating over the  'fine cooking' magazine for the past month. i have been wanting to try basically EVERYTHING in the magazine that was suggested as seasonal dishes. so nick and i ventured to trader joes and picked two dishes to make.. the risotto from page 26 and the roasted green beans and sweet potato salad from page 45! mmmm... so GOOD! nick was simply fabulous and made the whole dinner for us! it truly was a blissful end to a weekend full of blithe and bliss!

i learned a lot from watching nick cook...for the green bean salad nick just cut and chopped the sweet potatoes, green beans, garlic and red onions. he put them on a baking sheet and baked at 350 until they were slightly soft- then mixed the honey (2 tbl spoons or so), little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper while tossing them in a bowl! easy! DONE!... yum!

the camarillo farmers market is my favorite. the best saturday morning is a breakfast at PJ's, walk across the street to the market, then down the street to the antique stores!

pjs boulevard cafe

yum in my tum!!