blithe and bliss

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand

a handmade bohemian lifestyle brand- created out of a need for one of a kind, handmade with love items that spread happiness in what we wear, what we do, and wherever we go.


Blithe and Bliss is: a handmade bohemian lifestyle- embracing and living the #slowfashionmovement. Upcycling vintage and forgotten clothes into bohemian gypsy fashions.

Blithe and Bliss came out of my heart and soul. Its an expression of a VIBRANT colorful retro and happy life. 

Coming from a corporate, mass market, fast fashion apparel career, I had the need and urge to do something completely different and REAL. Something that was meaningful and not "throw away". Blithe and Bliss is SLOW fashion, unique, handmade, upcycled, artisan, craft, decadently BEAUTIFUL and romantic.

I am now a small handmade business owner, learning everyday how to do this exciting new thing, embracing every moment, and here to share my journey!

Blithe and Bliss is not just a one day project, its a life long way of living, being, and seeing the world around us. This space is for blithe and bliss, or in other words; HAPPINESS!:)

Thank you for hanging out!

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